Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Body Intelligence

As Lucy reflected on her outrageous behavior of the night before, the memory only served to draw her upward, like a flower toward the sun. It was one of Lucy's gifts, to recognize the intelligence of her body and the utter impossibility of denying it. No matter how many times her father had said it would ruin her, she'd always known that her carnal appetite was the one thing capable of saving her. If she believed in God, it was here. Surely, He'd given us such appetite so that we'd stay---for a while at least---on our side of the fence. Without the force of the body, its compulsions, what would prevent a person from sprouting wings before his time and demanding entrance to paradise? ---p.39, ``Edgar & Lucy,''  Victor Lodato

It seems such a fancy idea, the intelligence of body, but for me it has taken years to approach and utilize it in a meaningful way. And still, sometimes, often, it becomes the source of huge anxiety for me.

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