Saturday, April 02, 2016

The City of the Dead

How do you solve a mystery when you do not know what is the question? How do you go about answering an unknown question?!?

Series of quotes from Sara Gran's novel, ``Calire DeWitte and the City of the Dead.'' I have a feeling that liberals/progressives/feminists would love the first quote: victim blaming at its finest, lol, and I love it!

No one is innocent,'' Silette wrote. ``The only question is, how will you bear your portion of guilt?'' ---p.75, The City of the Dead

There are no innocent victims,'' wrote Jacques Silette. ``The victim selects his role as carefully and unconsciously as the policeman, the detective, the client, or the villain. Each chooses his role and then forgets this, sometimes for many lifetimes, until one comes along who can remind him. This time you may be the villain or the victim. The next time your roles may switch.
``It's only a role. Try to remember.'' ---p. 17, The City of the Dead

``The mystery is not solved by the use of fingerprints or suspects or the identification of weapons,'' Silette wrote. ``These things serve only to trigger the detective's memory. The detective and the client, the victim and the criminal---all already know the solutions to the mystery.
``They need only to remember it, and recognize it when it appears.'' ---p. 63, The City of the Dead

``For the detective whose eyes has truly been opened,'' Silette wrote, ``the solution to every mystery is never more than inches away.'' ---p. 57, The City of the Dead

``You cannot follow another's footsteps to the truth,'' Silette wrote. ``A hand can point a way. But the hand is not the teaching. The finger that points the way is not the way. The mystery is a pathless land, and each detective must cut out her own trail through a cruel territory.
``Believe nothing. Question everything. Follow only the clues.'' ---p. 55, The City of the Dead

``Never be afraid to learn from the ether,'' Constance told me. ``That's where knowledge lives before someone hunts it, kills it, and mounts it in a book.'' ---p. 53, The City of the Dead

``The detective thinks he is solving a murder or a missing girl,'' Silette wrote. ``But truly he is investigating something else altogether, something he cannot grasp hold of directly. Satisfaction will be rare. Uncertainty will be your natural state. Sureness will always allude you. The detective will always circle around what he wants, never seeing it whole.
``We do not go on despite this. We go on because of it.'' ---p. 50, The City of the Dead

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