Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Breaking the Impasse: The Nature of Impasse

It is very difficult to articulate the nature of the ``impasse'' except to offer symptoms and anecdotal examples. In our personal lives, we feel it as a general sense of emptiness and lack of meaning and purpose, widespread depression and anxiety, and pervasiveness of addictions and different method of numbing oneself. I think these are all signs of a deepening dissociation within us, between different areas of our psyche (our logic/reason, our emotions, and deeper layers of psyche).

In our society, we observe the dissociation between areas of science and technology, arts, and religion. Science and technology is the area that is presumably governed by logic and reason. Arts are considered to be the arena of our emotional life. Religions deal with deeper layers of our psyche, furthest from logic and reason. In between, we have our political and economic systems that are ruled by a mixture of logic, emotions, and deeper motives.

I personally find the impasse strongest in the emptiness of words, of people talking about things without believing any words from what they say, or even worse, people believing that they mean what they say when they actually don't. It is not dishonesty in my opinion. It is a matter of deep fears slicing our internal and external lives into disjoint and meaningless islands.

We have become so reliant on our conscious minds and its main apparatus, language, that the situation feels completely hopeless. I believe, however, that there are some ways of breaking through this impasse and my previous post [Breaking the Impasse: Basics] was an initial attempt to outline two main ways that have been naturally developed throughout history.

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