Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Breaking the Impasse: The Essence

The Essence of truth is not in the logic or reason, but in the imagination and creativity, and therefore, can be partially explained in two statements: First, Anything one can imagine has some level of truth, and therefore, any statement that can be made and understood, no matter how weird and absurd it is, has some degree of truth in it. Second, no statement can capture the truth completely and purely, because of it does, then it does not leave any room for imagination and creativity, because then the logical/rational mind can grab that statement and force it on other parts of the mind, or rather, because then one group of the society will be absolutely right and others will be absolutely wrong.

Therefore, truth of language is always partial.

That is why both competition/challenges and security/safety are critical elements of truth. The base of creativity and imagination is rooted in the sense of security and safety, and it is cultivated by forces of competition and life's challenges.

That is why, no matter how hard I try to explain my point of view, they are always incomplete and have holes and gaps in them. There must be room for individual imagination and creativity. 

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