Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Warrior without Hope

Carlos Castaneda's books are dangerous because they are full of potent and powerful images. The more cautious way of approaching them is to treat them as bullshit and make fun of them, which is much safer than falling in love with them, surrendering to them and becoming depressed or losing it. The more balanced approach is to use those images to stir and activate deep images inside. But this balance is very difficult to achieve.
When he finally grasped that his benefactor, in all seriousness, had resigned himself to fail, it also dawned on him that a warrior's resolution to live impeccably in spite of everything cannot be approached as a strategy to ensure success. ... at such moments a lifelong training takes over, and the warrior enters into a state of unsurpassed humility; when the true poverty of his human resources becomes undeniable, the warrior has no recourse but to step back and lower his head. --- p.224, The Eagle's Gift, Carlos Castaneda
There is a `hope' that is based on opportunity. Here is a good opportunity to do a good thing. So, of course, we want to take it and be good. Nevertheless, the opportunity-based hope is not the genuine hope, because it comes out of the fear of losing out.
True hope only comes as a deep direction in the soul, independent of the opportunities, or even better, against the backdrop of no 'real' hope when 'objective' odds are essentially zero.

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