Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Revolving Doors

Choice, the act of choosing between viable options, is like a revolving door: it opens new possibilities and it eliminates some previously feasible alternatives. This is well known and quite intuitive.

It is less known that the way we approach a a decision, the way we conceive the ``opportunity'' that is inherent in, and precedes, a choice, also resembles a revolving door. It can guide us from ``being closed'' to ``being open'' or vice versa. If we approach ``opportunity'' as a fleeting entity, something that tends to disappear if we do not seize it, we tend to limit ourselves and guide ourselves into fear and closure with every decision we confront. If we can give ourselves the freedom to observe and appreciate all options in front of us, without being forced into a particular choice because of ``logical/rational reasons'' or ``emotional forces (of certainty)'', then we will free ourselves with each decision we make.

If only she'd known then what comfort was coming, she'd have spared herself a little. You can say to yourself, I'm just a body that thinks and talks and seems to want its life, one more day of it. You don't have to know why. Well, nothing could ever change if your body didn't just keep you there not even knowing what it is you're waiting for. Not even knowing that you're waiting at all. ---p. 179, Lila, Marilynne Robinson

Mendelssohn, Violin Concerto E Minor OP.64 (Full Length) : Hilary Hahn & FRSO:


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