Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Anansi and Gods

Someone told me about ``Neil Gaiman'' a couple of months ago and I picked up his ``Anansi Boys''. I was not impressed by the beginning of the book and about to leave  it unfinished when I read a passage about a boy that was always embarrassed by his father and it stirred up a lot of similar memories from my childhood. I felt specially awkward when my father talked with pretty women and girls, which felt like him cheating on my mom. I also felt that I was not able to match him in smooth talking and entertaining women. This feeling of inadequacy until very recently.

Anyway, I finished ``Anansi Boys'' and believe it to be an excellent novel. I am reading his ``American Gods'' now and it appears to me a masterpiece! Here is a strange quote:
The telephone in Shadow's apartment was silent and dead. He thought about getting it connected, but could not think of no one he wanted to call. Late one night he picked it up and listened, and was convinced that he could here a wind blowing and a distant conversation between a group of people talking in voices too low to properly make out. He said, ``Hello?'' and ``Who's there?'' but there was no reply, only a sudden silence and then the faraway sound of laughter, so faint he was not certain he was not imagining it. ---p. 365, American Gods

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