Sunday, March 09, 2014

Clouds, Pyramids and …

We make pyramids out of our emotions, emotions about emotions, and so on and so forth, until we reach clouds. In clouds, emotions and words are dissociated and therefore concepts are suspended, with no anchoring to reality, and hence, can be confusing and harmful. It is not words' fault when they become meaningless, it is simply the ``pyramids and clouds'' effect.

New Revelation: Emotional truth is in depth of memories.
Objective truth is connected to physical reality, whereas emotional truth is related to how we remember, the depth of our memories rather than how close they are to objective truth!

I am afraid of so many things ... and I want to accept this. And talk about it. First, with Sima. Later, close friends and family, and maybe here too.

We went to Tara Cinema last evening and watched ``Philomena'' [Link]. It was better than other movies that we watched this past couple of months. I hated ``12 years a slave'' [Link] a lot, the worst best picture in Oscar history in my opinion.

I am getting ready to start job search. It is quite scary.

What is emotional openness? What is emotional numbing? If I close my eyes and cover my ears, or completely lose myself in a novel or a game and do not sense anything, the outside world continues. Similarly, our inner emotional world happens whether we observe it or not. The common apparatus between the two words is our beam of attention. We can focus our attention inside, be present with what happens inside, and ultimately try to describe the landscape, the emotional events, in words.

What if our inner space, our subconscious, mirrors our view of the outside world? Obviously, we project a lot of our inner world onto the outer world, but what if the reverse direction also applies? Then, things like religion and our basic trust in life translate into the structure of our inner world. As I think about it more, I realize that when I observe someone's interactions in the outside world, specially his/her point of view about life, relationship, work, and such, I can map the inner world of that person!

An interesting TED talk on creativity:
His page on IDEO:

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