Sunday, March 30, 2014

Book Keeping

My period of flirtation with Cesar Millan was short and ended a couple of weeks ago. Nothing against him though, I just learned whatever I wanted to learn from him and am moving on. I am indebted to him for some very interesting insights. Also finished the novel, ``Before I go to sleep,'' a few days ago. I learned a lot from that novel too. Today, I bought a book about wolves by Barry Holstun Lopez, ``Of Wolves and Men,'' from Book Nook store. It seems that I need to read something interesting at all times :)

I had an amazing day today. The issue of "helping others'' was one of the last questions on my list and today I finally made significant progress toward answering it. I have been lucky to find answers to all of the difficult questions that started me on my personal pilgrimage a few years ago. I am sure new questions will pop up, and I will have very dark and depressing moments in the future, but I will get through them, and will experience moments of indescribable joy and gratitude too.

PS #1. NPR on Cesar:

I hate those motherfuckers who criticize Cesar for brutal behavior toward dogs. It's like they have not lived in the real world, where animals kill animals with outmost brutality! I just hate them and their idiotic vision of a peaceful world, lol

PS #2. How about a piece of music to mend and fix our differences? Stravinsky 's ``Pulcinella Suite":

PS#3. An honest talk:

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