Monday, November 25, 2013


I run "you".
Reach "you",
by accident.
Who's "you"?
A father, who
could not protect
A mother, who
could not love
when most needed?
I seek.
I seek "you"
this time
I am found
and to feel complete
once more
once again.


Where do we make the decision to forgive ourselves? To look back at our past, what they did to us, what we did to them, and say, you are forgiven, you are free from those horrors, now let them go and get on with your life.
Am I going to be free?
At least, I won't carry any secrets anymore, everything is coming out in therapy.

The salvation of man is through love and in love.---Victor Frankl (p. 49, Man's Search for Meaning)

There is a place in our soul that has to, and want to, accept us: now be, no escape, struggle, fight, trying hard, anymore, just be.

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