Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fart-Induced Coma and Mysticism

I had a mini-stroke this morning. We woke up early but did not leave the bed and talked about many subjects. At one point, Sima was describing one of her friends who is always serious and never lets her true emotions and personality come out. I felt the air grew dense and the talk became too serious, so I broke a fart. Sima was not sure what happened and came to a pause, and I broke the second one louder. She had mixed feelings of anger and surprise and started to laugh. And I broke the third one, the strongest, and by this time I was already laughing so hard that I felt I was not getting enough air … and then it happened: I went to some sort of momentary sleep, Sima's voice faded, and I had the strangest dream, that the flow of my thoughts had changed. Specifically, my normal thought process was vertical and in the dream I had horizontal thoughts. And I got really surprised. After a couple of seconds I heard Sima again and everything was back to normal.

I have started reading Michael Eigen's, ``The Psychoanalytic Mystic.'' [Link] It is a dangerous book, for me, and I would not read it a year ago, but I feel ready now. I have been involved with mysticism, as some sort of coping/defense mechanism, since I was 10-12 years old. It is a very tricky subject for me.  

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