Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Catcher in the Rye :)

The worst thought, you know, is the thought of killing yourself. It's annoying, as hell, that's what it is. It's like you're reading a good novel, say ``The Catcher in the Rye,'' and you think you're having a good time. Then, you see this beautiful black lady and think, what if I have sex with her? But then she approaches you, and hugs you, and you feel her full, firm breasts pressing against your chest. And you think, What the fuck am I doing here? What is this life anyway? And you think, I should end my life, yeah, that's what I should do. And all other thoughts, even sex, disappear, and all you can think of is how to end your life. Fucking annoying, man.


Here is a friend's video response to this piece (on FB):

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