Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Therapy Lessons

Today in my therapy session something happened that reminded me of a discussion with a friend of mine. Back in May, a friend asked if I looked at my therapist as a role model, or someone that I would want to simulate in my own life, and my initial reaction was dismissive, in the sense that I did not think of my therapist necessarily as a role model.
Today there was an interaction between us around the topic of separating someone's action from his/her character. Basically, I realized that I often confuse the two. :) For example, someone does something that I do not like and I subconsciously start "not liking" that person. Or more importantly, when dealing with people, I act based on this subconscious presumption that if my action goes against their preferences, they won't like me anymore.
Anyway, at some point I "felt" that my therapist is not interacting with me based on these presumptions and seems able to separate his likes/dislikes of my actions from his like/dislike of my character. And then, I noticed that by interacting with him I have learned something at a deeper, subconscious level. I probably had read about this before, and knew it at the intellectual level. But the embodiment of it by my therapist had a crucial role in my deeper understanding.

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