Thursday, August 22, 2013


Do you hear the calls of a boy
who went to a forest
with his parents,
on a sunny, delightful afternoon?
Playing in the woods
he heard a faint voice:
``Find the magic mushrooms!
Find the magic mushrooms!"
``What are the magic mushrooms?''
``They are magical,
give you power,
make you attractive,
and you won't need your parents
The boy looked at his parents,
busy talking and fondling,
and he started to walk off,
following the voice,
by tall trees,
deep scent of wood, and
vibrant colors.
Hours went by
and he suddenly realized
the voice was gone
the sun was setting behind trees,
shadows long and frightening,
all deadly and poisonous,
and he could not find
his way back

Do you hear the calls of a man
still wandering
the deep dark forest?


Inspired by David Cronenberg's movie, Spider

This poem has a piece of my soul. I could feel it last night after I wrote it. It does not make it better or worse, but it's a fact :)

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