Wednesday, August 14, 2013

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No one who is familiar with the nature of neurosis will be astonished to hear that even a man who is very able to carry out an analysis [i.e. psychoanalysis] on other people can behave like any other mortal and be capable of producing the most intense resistances as soon as he himself becomes the object of analytic investigation. When this happens we are once again reminded of the dimension of depth in the mind, and it does not surprise us to find that neurosis has its roots in psychical strata to which an intellectual knowledge of analysis has not penetrated --- Freud

Sometimes a fear comes over me. I ask myself: "What if everything you have done is wrong? All the decisions. Leaving your job. Spending your time thinking and writing, or doing nothing. All based on a whim, a feeling!" And then, I feel the urge to eat, to do something to distract my attention, watch TV, or look for someone who can reassure me. Then, I remind myself that unless I accept the risk of losing, making errors, and hurting myself and others, I will never be able to find out who I am. The only person who is safe, makes no error, and does no harm, is a DEAD person! And I am learning to deal with the basic, inherent anxiety of being a fallible human 

I am thinking about writing five short essays on the following topics:
(1) Death
(2) Dreams and Creation
(3) Emotional Abuse
(4) A Cyclic Theory of Moderation
(5) A New Approach to Decision-Making...See More

Therapy Lesson (today): 
I love/like you but I don't like what you did.

At the highest level, the concept of "self" is constructed from narratives that we impose on our life experiences. Hence, "Self Knowledge" is more like "Self Construction". The tricky part is that the construction, for the most part, does "NOT" take place at the conscious level. I believe, the subconscious processes involved in the construction of a "self" are very similar to those involved in "dream construction." Reaching a coherent self (i.e. Buddhist's enlightenment?!) is limited by the scope of our conscious influence on the process. I am convinced that the main challenge of the 21st century will be in understanding these subconscious processes and integrating them in our elaborate conscious knowledge of the world (i.e. science and technology). It's the ultimate science-fiction! LOL

I started my work/study today with a mental image and I ended with a cool ``Osmosis Theory of Self-Realization'' that combines (and explains) areas such as self-knowledge, acceptance, shame and defense, healthy narcissism, authenticity, transitional space (of Winnicott) and more. 
Wow, sometimes it is so amazing to be alive! 

Inner wisdom and God are similar in that they are stories that we create for our lives. As we polish our heart and enlighten the dark areas of our mind, our stories become more coherent, our inner wisdom deeper and our God more powerful. At some point we become the God and wisdom that we have created .... Magic!

For the record, I am listening to this, so you can blame Stravinsky if you do not like my post, LOL, everyone knows he was a crazy dude
David Shallon conducts the Orquesta Sinfónica de Radiotelevisión Española (Spani...

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