Tuesday, June 04, 2013


I like Huraki Murakami's works, at least the two novels of him that I have read, and I have started reading another one, ``1Q84''. Here is a paragraph from the very first page:

Janacek composed his little symphony in 1926. He originally wrote the opening as a fanfare for a gymnastic festival. Aomame imagined 1926 Czechoslovakia: The First World War had ended, and the country was freed from the long rule of the Hapsburg Dynasty. As they enjoyed the peaceful respite visiting central Europe, people drank Pilsner beer in cafes and manufactured handsome light machine guns. Two years earlier, in utter obscurity, Franz Kafka had left the world behind. Soon Hitler would come out of nowhere and gobble up this beautiful little country in the blink of an eye, but at the time no one knew this hardships lay in store for them. This may be the most important proposition revealed by history: ``At the time, no one knew what was coming.'' Listening to Janacek's music, Aomame imagined the carefree winds sweeping across the plains of Bohemia and thought about the vicissitudes of history. ---p. 3, 1Q84

I have had this feeling about my life, specially since a few years ago, that if I had known what was coming in my life, I would have taken things less seriously. Would be kinder to myself.
Well, these days I am at the pick of being kind to myself and in fact liking myself compared to my whole life. So if anything happens tomorrow, I have little regrets :)

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