Monday, June 10, 2013

1Q84: Special Light

When I like a novel (any book?!?) I cannot help quoting it, lol
But this seventeen-year-old girl, Fuka-Eri, was different. The mere sight of her sent a violent shudder through him. It was the same feeling her photograph had given him when he first saw it, but in the living girl's presence it was far stronger. This was not the pangs of love or sexual desire. A certain something he felt, had managed to work its way in through a tiny opening and was trying to fill a blank space inside him. The void was not one that Fuka-Eri had made. It had always been there inside Tengo. She had merely managed to shine a special light on it. --- p. 48, 1Q84
I am creating my own approach to enlightenment and awakening these days, making good progress :) Anyway, I will write about that subject when I feel ready. But I sense an interesting connection to this quote based on my personal experiences. For the past few years, I have met people that would give me this feeling, of a light being shined on some parts of my psyche.

Why? I think terrible and terrifying experiences are not the only ones being dissociated. Another possible reason for dissociation of some experiences/states of our psyche is that they are so good, emotionally riveting and invigorating, that they frighten us. The people that deeply affect us (n the strange way that the quote describes) shine a light on those forgotten aspects of our being!

Lessons in enlightenment! LOL  

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