Monday, May 13, 2013

Trauma of Gifted Child

I am checking all the books that I borrowed from the library and returning them, a few items at the time, so that I can do the clearing process with the GSU in a few days. One of the books that re-caught my attention is ``The Drama of the Gifted Child: The Search for the True Self,'' by Alice Miller. (Originally published as Prisoners of Childhood.)

I consider myself a gifted child, smart and intelligent, and a hard worker. I was successful in many aspects of my life and I never felt truly happy. I felt a big emptiness inside, could barely feel anything, had difficult making simplest decisions, was very prone to addictive behaviors, sometimes very depressed and even suicidal. Many of my relatives and friends are gifted too and suffer from similar conditions. I remember so many times I heard the expression that smart people are destined to live a more difficult life.

This book provides good insight into this situation. The basic idea is that these children pick up the psychological problems and deficiencies of people (mostly grown-ups) around them. They "buy" the love and support of their parents by sacrificing their own true self and end up empty and depressed. The solution that the books offers ultimately is intensive therapy though. However, I think the insights from the book will be useful.

If I have time I will write some quotes from the book here. 

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