Monday, May 20, 2013

Recent Developments

Last Friday, May 17 of 2013, Sima and I became naturalized U.S. citizens. This opens new possibilities in our lives. On that same day, I returned my keys, parking card, library books, and finished the clearance process at the GSU. I have no ties to GSU anymore, and that too will create new opportunities. I fluctuate between feeling excited and nervous/anxious which is quite natural!

My first tendency, in response to the anxieties of my new situation, was to think of writing a long to-do list, a list of everything that has been postponed for weeks, months, or years. Yet, I had a deep feeling that writing the list was not a good idea. So I did not do it. Today, I began to understand my situation better, or as I prefer to say these days, I came up with an alternative story for what is happening to/around me.

When I feel like it, I will write my new thoughts/findings. I do not want to commit myself though :)

Here is a story on NPR that I read today and resonated with me:
Inspired by a TED talk, Winston Chen quit his software job and moved to a tiny Norwegian island ... 

The TED talk:

2013-7-19: After two months, today I felt ready to compose a list of different projects and tasks that I have had in mind. Today was a strange day. After a couple of days of dealing with depression, something became clear for me, and I am content and happy and energetic. We will see how things develop though :)

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