Friday, May 24, 2013

Diving Bell and Butterfly

I am watching this French film, ``The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" [Wiki], after a few months of receiving it from Netflix.
Two things makes us as human beings, our memories and our imagination. It is funny, haha, that the two can be the source of our worst pains and our fullest joys.

Still watching!
It does not really matter if we remember an event correctly, or we are faithful to the truth or facts, what is important is that we create stories, different stories, and with each story we open a new possibility, a new meaning, and therefore, it is not the truth that sets us free, it's our imaginative stories.

The film is over. Amazing, a must watch, in my view.
Why is truth important? Because the reality ultimately forces itself upon us. Our imagination and memories combine to "make a prison into a house.'' The walls are still there, more tolerable nevertheless.

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