Sunday, May 12, 2013

Conflicts and Mental Constraints, Part 8: Story Telling

I am going to tell you a secret, a deep profound one, that can change your life, lol. It's about the magical, transformative power of story telling. We are all fascinated by magic. Magic is true, you know. The magical power of being the God, the creator, is truly manifested in the act of story telling. But you should ask, why?

Remember that I keep telling you that to find our true self, we need to look into the transitional space between harshest realities of life and our imaginations? What is the harshest, most concrete reality of life? Think about it ...

Did you find the answer yet?
I would say, "time". Whatever is in the past, is over. We cannot do anything to change a traumatic event. That is why trauma has such a powerful grip on our lives: because we cannot change it! What has happened "to us," is done and over .We are completely powerless "in front of" past events, ...  or are we?

Here comes the magic of story telling. When we tell a story, of something that has happened to us in the past, if we give ourselves the freedom and imagination to change the story the way we want it, we leave our position as "the object of the past event", as someone to whom the event has happened, and we become the author, the creator, the God of our own life! Isn't this magical?

The key element is that we "let ourselves to be imaginative." A striking observation from my own past, and many others like me, is that we think we have to be faithful to the "truth." Guess what, there is no "truth"! We create/narrate the truth of our life and through that act we become our God!

TED playlist: How to tell a story:

Have some music:

BEETHOVEN - The Triple Concerto in C Major, Op. 56 - Oistrakh/Rostropovich/Richter/Von Karajan

Beethoven Triple Concerto C major Anne Sophie Mutter, Andre Previn, Lynn Harrell, Kurt Masur LPO 

Triple Concerto Choral Fantasy - Beethoven (Daniel Barenboin; Yo Yo Man; Itzhak Perlman)

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