Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I went to High Museum last Saturday to watch the movie, ``Japon,'' by Carlos Reygadas [IMDB]. A powerful film with some shocking scenes. I am not a big fan of artists who use shocking effects though. Anyway, when the movie started I told myself, ``This actor (the main character) looks familiar!'' and then I realized that I can guess what is going to happen and finally I, sort of, remembered that I have seen this film before!
Anyway, I really liked the music and after many different tries I finally found the music with the help from the Facebook page of the High Museum, lol

Films at High:  https://www.high.org/Programs/Programs/Films-at-the-High.aspx

A couple of scenes:

Here are the music credits at the end of the film:

Sinfonia No 15. OP. 141
de Dimitri Schostokovich
Orquesta Sinfonico de Gotemburgo
dirigida por Neeme Jarvi
Deutsche Grammophon GmbH

de Pirvo Port
The HIllard Ensemble
dirigido por Paul Hillier
ECM Records GmbH


la pasion segun San Mateo
de JS Bach
Orquesta Sinfonica del Estado Hungaro
dirigda por Geza Oberfrank
FINH International Ltd


Contus en memoria de Benjamin Britten
de Pirvo Port
Orquesta Sinfonica del Estado Hungaro
dirigda por Tomas Benedek
FINH International Ltd


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