Friday, April 26, 2013

Acceptance and Decision-Making

During my routine morning meditation, I had a strange moment. As usual my mind went to some decisions that I would have to make today. Instead of mulling over them, and going back and forth between different options, I just asked myself, ``what do you want to do?'' and I quietly answered. At that moment, I realized that this is my life and these are my decisions and I can make decision much easier, and even enjoy the process, if I accept being wrong and imperfect and committing errors and even being bad (see this post, [Revelations: Evil Arises ...], which in contrast to its simplicity I feel will have a significant impact on my life).

My therapist had told me, over and over, that I can let myself live the life I want if I accept and tolerate being imperfect. So I knew this at the intellectual level. I am not sure what happened today, but somehow I deeply felt this, realized it at a different level. I think that the events/thoughts/observations described in the post, [Revelations: Evil Arises ...], had an important role in preparing me.

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