Sunday, March 17, 2013


Tonight "Radiolab []" had a very interesting program on sleep. [Link]
In the first part they discussed many types of animals that sleep with half of their brain and how the same underlying mechanism (fear of predators) may be still in work in some people with sleep problems. The second part dealt with the physiology of sleep and tiredness (from lack of sleep). And the most interesting part was the last: physio-psychology of dreaming! The new research indicates that brain becomes creative during the dreaming phase and in fact tries to solve problems, especially problems with emotional significance.

I was telling my therapist a few days ago that in the past few month, during my sleep, I feel as if my brain is solving some difficult problems. I have been facing a couple of important decisions for quite some time now and I have refused to make any decisions because somehow I feel that I do not have the complete picture, and a satisfying solution, yet. Initially, I would think that the answers were hidden in my unconscious but my defense mechanisms do not let them emerge. Now I am convinced that the answer is not out there, and that my brain is "constructing" different scenarios and comparing them in order to hopefully come up with some creative answer. Good luck my brain, I really need those answers sooner than later, lol

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