Saturday, March 16, 2013

Samanou (سمنو)

2013-03-16 [5 p.m.] We just started the cooking process which should take about 8-10 hours. About two hours ago, we started the preparation process (grinding the wheat sprouts and squeezing the wheat extract and mixing with whole wheat flour). Sima grew a little more than 2 pounds of wheat for 4-5 days until the sprouts were about 2-3 cm, with a white-yellow color. We added 4 pounds of whole wheat flour to the liquid wheat extract.

2013-03-17 [2 a.m.] I have been stirring Samanou and staring at it to see the color change. So far, it is light brown and does not want to turn dark even after 9 hours of sitting on fire! :)

2013-03-17 [4:30 a.m.] I cut the stove off at 4 and then put samanou in 6 pyrex dishes that Sima had allocated to it. I am done! I can sleep now and when I get up around noon I can taste the cold samanou and decide to what extent the "samanou pazoon" operation has been successful, lol

2013-03-17 [9:45 p.m.] This time the samanou is better than last year, but not as good as the first time we made it. I think I should have stopped between 2 and 3 this morning. Around 2, after I wrote the lines above, I realized that the color of the surface got darker and a strong aroma of golden-wheat began to come out. This aroma is what I associate with the samanou that my mom cooks. After 3 the aroma subsided and when I took the samanou off the stove at 4 it was almost gone.

I learned useful lessons from cooking samanou this year. I look forward to next Nowrouz to improve on my art of samanou cooking, lol


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