Saturday, March 30, 2013

Moving on ...

I just had an intuition.
I was thinking and writing about my yesterday's talk with Mazz and some of the important topics that came up. I am having more sympathy for myself now. I know that I want to be more playful with what I do and that way be more creative and at the same time enjoy whatever I do. Being creative is the road to authenticity.
To be playful, I want to deal with my fears and gradually overcome them. I do not want my fears to dictate my decisions in life anymore. As I have mentioned before [Love, Promised, and Freedom], love helps us break our mind's prison and self-imposed limitations. In other words, love makes us courageous and sets us free. Yet, starting the path of heart requires the courage to open ourselves to unknown and to see and accept our dark side. It needs a moment of madness which is the characteristic of falling in love anyway.
Finally, mindfulness is a requirement for the journey of self-awareness. It's difficult to accomplish anything unless we center ourself around the present moment.

So, what was the intuition? I have studied a lot in my journey of the past several years. At the intellectual level, at least, I know a good deal of the things that I need. It is time to put everything together, practice them and internalize them, and start to move on with my life with courage and purpose.

Here is a TED talk that I watched for the second time last night and, for some reason, connected with at a much deeper level. The last couple of minutes brought tears to my eyes:

Elizabet Gilbert: Your elusive creative genius

Also playlist on creativity:
A blog entry on play and creativity:

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