Tuesday, March 19, 2013


You want to know what horror is?


Anyway, today's fresh air program was mainly an interview with Journalist Aaron Glantz, author of ``The War Comes Home: Washington's Battle Against America's Veterans.'' The whole things was mostly sad, but parts of it was horrific, really.

The difference between the number of people who were killing themselves at home versus dying overseas is just increasing as fewer and fewer Americans are dying overseas. ... We now have 2.4 million Iraq and Afghanistan veterans ...

There was a question about how he realized that it was time to end his war-reporting from inside Iraq and his answer moved something inside me. He said that at some point he knew that he was reaching his threshold but he was lucky enough to have the opportunity to decide to leave. I think it is very important that we know our limit and use our opportunity to leave when it's the right time and we still can.

Horror: http://youtu.be/rDK9MDklzFo

Also yesterday program was quite emotional. A mother who waits the death of her 2 year old sun:

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