Saturday, January 19, 2013

All in, all the way in

There is something quite amazing about going all in, taking the whole life as it is in, and not shying away from the good and bad of it.
I had "LOOBIA POLO" for lunch just now. Sima had left it in the freezer before going to Toronto, and today I prepared it with a little butter and had it with some additional stuff. I had an indescribable climax after having it. Such a simple, and yet powerful and precious, experience.
I am proud of myself because in the past few days (or couple of weeks, in fact) I have taken important steps in the direction of facing (and accepting) the inherent uncertainties of life. I have started accepting all my feelings, good and bad, positive and negative, as they are.
You have to let your heart break, so bad that you feel your whole chest burning in despair, and yet do not turn your face on your emotions, and then life gradually changes its meaning for you and some simple moments can expand to infinity, LOL
I am proud and happy!

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