Monday, December 17, 2012

Short Report

Of how things have been lately. Finished the black book (Between Emotion and Cognition). I could not imagine reading this book even a year ago. But it was the right time and it changed my whole landscape. I have not yet finished the purple book (The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy) with only two chapters left. But I won't force myself to read it just to finish another book. I will finish it when I feel like reading it :)

Things have changed gradually and from the outside I am not sure how much of the change is apparent. But from the inside I can feel the difference.

I have started reading the following books:
-- ``Who is the dreamer who dreams the dream?: a study of psychic presences,'' by James S. Grostein, 2000
Found the author in the last chapter of the black book. The book is somewhere between serious psycho-analysis and mysticism! Very intriguing and related to a question of mine that has been bugged me frequently: Is there wisdom in our unconscious?
-- "After Lacan: clinical practice and the subject of the unconscious," by Willy Apollon, Danielle Bergeron, and Lucie Cantin, 2002
I became interested in Jacaues Lacan and D.W. Winnicott while reading the black book and the result is this and the next two books.
-- "Playing and Reality," by D. W. Winnicott, 1971
The writing of this book is amazing, simple and poetic, and it is full of insights.
-- "The Four fundamental concepts of psycho-analysis,'' by Jacques Lacan, translated from the French by Alan Sheridan, 1978
This is a difficult book, a complicated poem, almost. I am not sure if I am actually going to read it like a text, or just browse through it randomly like a poem collection!
-- "Creative readings: essays on seminal analytic works,'' by Thomas Ogden, 2012
I like this guy, Ogden, very much. I would not mind becoming his student/apprentice :)

Well, that's about it. For the last three months I saw my therapist almost every week. It was an intense period, but in the middle of it, he started telling me that he is beginning to see some changes and my true self! Which is quite amazing and frightening! Because once you unleash the true self, who knows where it is going to take you!?!

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