Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Psychic Agency and Vulnerability!

I think there is great knowledge/wisdom hidden in the following words. Of course, I often get over-excited over what I read :)

The sense of psychic agency is related to personally felt responsibility for one's life, that is, to a sense of ``owning one's karma.'' As infants we must first believe that we have created our own personal world; then we claim or ``own'' (i.e., become the agent for) what we have created; finally, we allow for the external world's impact on us, the world of the separated ``Other.'' To put it succinctly, we as analysts must help patients distinguish between persecutors and enemies. Persecutors are always constituted from the patient's projective assignments to others and therefore always originate within the self. The enemy is never the self but may be clinically confused with the persecutor (which is a transformation of the patient's self). When that distinction is clear, the analysands can more sanguinely own what belongs to them, so to speak, and can effectively avoid pathological entanglement with others.
One must first believe that one has autochthonously ``created'' the world that one discovers or encounters, and then, epigenetically, one must become a self with a continuous ``history'' who then---and only then---becomes able to allow one's self to be vulnerable and varyingly helpless recipient of life's experiences. Blame and protest against the world of external objects is often justifiable in fact, but we each must epigenetically and ontologically ``earn'' our passport to such objectivity---by being sufficiently in touch with a sense of self-responsibility that we are separate from our provisional ``enemies'' and thus are able to hold them authentically responsible. --- pp. 56-57, Who is the Dreamer Who Dreams the Dream?

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