Sunday, November 25, 2012


It is difficult to talk about sex. It is more difficult to find useful information on sex. It is most difficult to have a meaningful, personal conversation about sex.
Anyway, here is an interesting quote:

It is therefore only when a person is able consciously to bear all his or her primal scene identifications that greater liberated sexuality is made possible. We are not the first to appreciate the reversibility of self- and object relationships. For example, Argentieri (cited in Amati-Mehler, 1992) states:
I think that for a man to be capable of penetrating he must be able to have a mental image and the emotion of what it means to be penetrated and penetrable. Vice versa, to accept penetration, a woman should have the emotional knowledge of what the experience of penetrating is like. ... interpretation, the reciprocal containing and holding, the capacity to enter the other without fear [p.476]
An important aim of treatment, in our view, involves helping patients understand and accept all the characters in their primal scene configurations. --- p.53, Unconscious Fantasies and the Relational World

[2014-08-10] A short piece that I found today on penetration and is fine: 

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