Thursday, November 15, 2012

Art of Letting Go

Let it go!
Pull my finger!

I have gained a better, and more personal, understanding of the concept of "letting go" as it applies to thoughts and memories, specially those recurring thoughts that have some emotional weights and burden. Here are a few observations:

  1. "Letting go" is not an event, it is a process
  2. It involves reviewing the memory without fear of being hurt by it
  3. It requires practicing a simple, and yet very profound and deep, rule: Emotions are only emotions, and thoughts are merely thoughts.
  4. The memory/thought is actively reviewed and in fact is re-constructed, and each time, we tell a new story of the same memory. Each time we try to be more playful and open to possibilities.
  5. At some point, we feel that the thought or memory is loosing its emotional grip on us and we are able to move away from it, naturally.
  6. In this sense, letting go is a peaceful non-violent process because we do not deprive our selves from anything. Deprivation is the source of violence.
PS. When we say something over and over, without any change or improvement, or when a thought keeps coming back to us, in the same form and style, all these indicate that we are afraid of something that lies in the middle of the circle, the circle of those recurring talks and thoughts, and we want to ignore that scary thing right in front of us.

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