Friday, October 05, 2012

Resolving Indecision

Indecision has been a major source of problems throughout my life, and hence, an interesting subject for me:
Another early form of instrumental self-regulation of affective behavior is indicated by the emergence of social referencing by the end of the first year .... At this time infants who find themselves in an ambiguous situation and cannot decide among several behavioral alternatives---such as whether or not to crawl across a visual cliff to their mothers---tend to examine their parent's facial emotion display and use the emotional information expressed to modulate their own behavior. The exact mechanism underlying social referencing is as yet unclear. ... It seems also possible that the infant, who is by now well-trained in emotion-regulative mirroring interactions, is actively seeking out a clarifying affect-mirroring cue from the parent that will strengthen and bring one of his current conflicting emotion states  to dominance, thereby resolving his indecision. ---p.158, [ARMDS:FGJT2002]

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