Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Three Dots

The symbol of continuation. Life goes on. From point A to B to C. Can I stop the flow?
A line passes through them. It can be my life. Starts from the birth, ends with the death.
The dots can be on a spiral. The spiral goes either up or down. I go through the same cycles, almost the same, and by doing that the life repeats itself, going slightly up or down.
Infinite random paths go through the three dots. Randomness. The butterfly. The birth. The love. Where are you?
Do and don't. Does and Does not. Can and Cannot. Ideas. Body. Nevertheless. Click. The door. Destroy. A story. A well. A mine. The abyss. The call. Are and are not. When and where. Should and should not. Animals. Creatures. Darkness. Destroy. Nevertheless. Whatever. A crazy mind. A beautiful body. An eye for an eye. Default. Given. Unappreciated. Abandoned. Distance. Control. Breeze. Where are you?
Dots. Three dots. Happy dots. Endless possibilities. Limited capacity. Do you love me, do you, do you? Hallucinations. Determination.
The illusion of going somewhere. The illusion of creating something worthwhile. The illusion of patterns on a random existence. Exist!
Where did the story begin? What is a beginning? What is an end? A gathering of all possibilities. Happy feet. Did you see? Back to the line. An obedient creature. Revolt. Repugnance. Result. Distinguish. Back to the line. It is the beginning, it is the end.
Portfolio. Port. Pajamas. Partial. Differential. Equation. Uncertainty. Stochastic process. Endless possibilities. Love. Control. Definite. Delusional. Degree. Distance. How far are you, when you are in my mind?

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