Monday, July 23, 2012

Mango and Mang

In 200,000 B.C., after the biblical storm was dead and dry, Noah's boat settled on the lands we now call Egypt. Noah was sick and tired of all that water, so he started a journey across African deserts and ended up in a land we call Spain now. Spanish were great soldiers at the time, and Noah was very confused and bored, so he made a great army and invaded all Europe and finally conquered England after a bloody battle. At the time, England was colonized by India (Hindoostan) and Indians had brought Mango plants into England and had tried to grow them. But the results were defected fruits that were smaller than original Mango and were called "Mang". So Noah took the name "mang" and used it to refer to two things: (1) Bastards, i.e., children without a properly known father, and (2) because "mang" was an "o" short of "Mango", and "o" is reminiscent of testicles, he used "mang" to refer to eutenized men, and then by extension to homosexuals. Therefore, Noah coined the term "mang" to refer to faggots and bastards at the same time.

Conclusion: When you want to grow a plant in a new environment you have to be careful about the possibility of being invaded by a foreign army headed by a crazy, bored prophet.

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