Thursday, July 19, 2012

Festive Day

خرم آن روز کزین منزل ویران بروم         راحت جان طلبم، و ز پی‌ جانان بروم

Hafez says:
Such a festive day, that I leave these ruins
Seek peace of soul, and go after the beloved

No amount of coincidences, luck, or other powers can measure up to human beings power of grit, determination, focus, and perseverance.
`` ... I have told you already, only a crackpot would undertake the task of becoming a man of knowledge of his accord. A sober-headed man has to be tricked into doing it.''
``I'm sure there must be scores of people who would gladly undertake the task,'' I said.
``Yes, but they don't count. They are usually cracked . They are like gourds that look fine from the outside and yet they would leak the minute you put pressure on them, the minute you filled them with water. ...'' p. 28, A Separate Reality
A cracked gourd that would leak the minute you put pressure on it, how familiar!

I do not know anything. Don't know love, Hafez, or don Juan. It's easy to put words together, but it's much harder to live them.

I am a seeker of calm and peace, and those can only be found in drugs, temporarily, and in death, permanently.

Enough of this nonsense for today, I need to get some sleep. Tomorrow will be a better day.

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