Monday, June 25, 2012

What am I doing here?

[4 p.m.] Today is a strange day, maybe. I have not idea what I am doing here in Tehran. I do not know what I should look forward to when I go back to Atlanta either. Everything seems suspended. I have no connections. Nothing to love, nothing to hate kind of feeling.

What is this life? It seems so empty and pointless. Going in circles until I die. Absurd.

I am not sure I have understood anything in my quest of the past few years. What I thought was love, appears now to be an escape from the emptiness within. And the emptiness itself ... there seems to be no way around it, or no way to get through it.

Is there any point in hoping that tomorrow will be different?


[6 p.m.] I cannot help smiling, and feeling embarrassed, while reading the above lines, lol


[11:30 p.m.] My dad's dentist gave him a new toothpaste, "Parodontax" (with mineral salts and Natural Herb Extracts), and I tried it tonight. It has a strange feeling different from other toothpaste I had tried before. I will see if I can find it in the US. :)


[11:45 p.m.] A couple of days ago, in the Contemporary Art Museum, my sister told me about an important dream she had had recently and we tried to interpret it. Tonight she found this site,, and she was excited about some of the suggestions from the site. So we spend another half and hour discussing her dream. I enjoyed it :)


  1. Amazon has the toothpaste mang.

    1. Good to know :) I completely forgot about Amazon here, maybe because sometimes the internet connection gets slow and frustrating.


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