Monday, May 07, 2012

Joy and Sorrow

غم و شادی  ٔبر   عارف چه تفاوت دارد؟
ساقیا با ده‌‌‌ بده، شادی ما، کین غم هم از اوست

 Joy and sorrow, for the seeker-lover, is there a difference?
Bring me wine, for that joy and this sorrow, all from "Him"!

I have experienced moments of indescribable joy and sorrow in my life. Tonight, I remembered simple moments of joy. Drinking a bottle of my favorite chocolate milk in the childhood. A moment of intense pleasure while swimming that made me cry in joy. A walk with a friend in a Chicago neighborhood. An evening of going to art galleries in downtown Atlanta with another friend, as I was walking up the stairs of an obscure gallery, hearing an opera being played upstairs. Driving very slowly, after playing a few hours of tennis, hearing the sound of leaves under tires and remembering childhood memories. An amazing feeling of peace and freedom while taking a nap in the afternoon.

My natural reaction to such amazing moments has been a tendency to control, keep, and repeat them, a tendency to share them with others, and a tendency to feel grateful towards people who provided me with such a joy. Now, I realize that I am so grateful to my own body, with its incredible capacity to feel joy and pain, and get through them. I am so lucky to experience all this, even though many times I have been close to death. It's easy to reproduce pain and regret. To experience joy, we need patience and need to let go of the urge to control and force such moments.

I feel lucky for this amazing life, with all its pains and pleasures.

به جهان خرم از آنم که جهان خرم ازوست    عاشقم بر همه عالم که همه عالم ازوست
به غنیمت شمر ای دوست دم عیسی صبح      تا دل مرده مگر زنده کنی کاین دم ازوست
نه فلک راست مسلم نه ملک را حاصل          آنچه در سر سویدای بنی‌آدم ازوست
به حلاوت بخورم زهر که شاهد ساقیست      به ارادت ببرم درد که درمان هم ازوست
زخم خونینم اگر به نشود به باشد               خنک آن زخم که هر لحظه مرا مرهم ازوست
غم و شادی بر عارف چه تفاوت دارد            ساقیا باده بده شادی آن کاین غم ازوست
پادشاهی و گدایی بر ما یکسانست             که برین در همه را پشت عبادت خم ازوست
...سعدیا گر بکند سیل فنا خانه‌ی دل           دل قوی دار که بنیاد بقا محکم ازوست

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