Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Dream and a Song

This song from Shajarian brings back a lot of memories. A perfect balance of traditional Iranian music and western orchestration, plus a simple and powerful poem by Siavash Kasrai:

Last night, I had a beautiful dream. In that dream I was signing this song in public, very well and without feeling shame! I was walking out of a classroom and was aware that some of my students and colleagues would see me singing, but did not care. Then, I saw horses in that dream that were being walked by their jockeys. It caught my attention that horses and their jockeys had similar faces! At the end horses were dropping huge manures the size of a dog. In the dream, I thought I would be grossed by the smell, but I realized that it did not bother me at all. I had a realization, in the dream, the the components that I just mentioned were very important.

This morning, I woke up light and happy, contrary to the last night's feelings of despair and hopelessness (as reflected in my previous post, [Searching for the bottom]). Immediately, I found the solution to a question that was bothering me last night. (Something a friend had told me and I apparently completely forgot!) More importantly, I felt that I am close to finding answers to a couple of work-related questions (important decisions to be made) that have been bothering me for the past week.

Things were better today. I have a good feeling about the not-doing-anything practice of yesterday. I did it today, briefly, and I am going to repeat it in the future. I feel that some old doors, slowly, are opening. I can hear a cracking sound :)

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