Sunday, April 08, 2012

What I Have Learned ...

Most people believe in magic, they expect something good to happen and take away their problems, but they do not hinge their lives on it. Those who rely heavily on magic in their lives are addicts of different sort.

Land of no magic is not a fun place to be either. Nevertheless, I have learned a couple of things from my journey there.
1- There are no perfections. Everything good has a bad side and the worst events and situations have a good side.
2- One can dismiss thoughts with practice. To control thought processes, one needs reasonable goals (reachable and measurable).

Land of no magic is another extreme. Good things can happen. There are patterns and schemes that our subconscious follows but we cannot see consciously.

If there are no perfections, then what is magic? David Blaine (at TEDMED 2009) says the following:
``As a magician I try to show things to people that seem impossible, and I think magic, whether I'm holding my breath or shuffling a deck of cards, is pretty simple: It's practice, it's training and experimenting while pushing through the pain to be the best that can be ..."

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