Wednesday, April 11, 2012

TV and more

After a couple of incidents and observations in the past two weeks, last night I reached peace with "watching TV". I realized that it helps me: In some bad states of mind, lets me escape repetitive thoughts. So last night and tonight I watched TV for an hour or two, without any guilt :)
Tonight, I realized that I have deprived myself from things that I enjoy, and why? For "intellectual" reason! I like playing computer games and watching TV, for example. For many years, I condemned myself for engaging in such "pointless, stupid activities". I did not understand that I was imposing other people's values and judgment on myself, without paying attention to what "I" really like to do.
An important factor in this realization was observing some friends who do things the way they want without any shame or self-blame and self-punishment. Many thanks to all those friends.
This may seem a very small point to many of you, and yet, in my hopeless endeavor to know myself better, every little step counts.

Peace and Love :)

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