Friday, March 02, 2012


I talked with a dear friend just now and we decided that ``acceptance'' is the first step to improve life. But how do you practice acceptance?
1- Sleep well, as much as you need
2- Eat and drink well, pay attention to your hunger and thirst
3- Go to bathroom often, do not keep yourself under the burden
4- Have sex often (with a partner or otherwise masturbate)
That is, first accept your physical needs.

Of course, the list can get much longer:
5- Move your body often, be playful
6- Take shower often, stay clean and sharp

2014-10-08: Why this seems so far and … juvenile ?!? :) I guess the essence of this post is okay, but something does not feel quite right!


  1. What about physical activity? I think that is important too.

  2. Yep, last point is important too :)

  3. I guess the point is to tune in to seemingly unimportant things that are in fact the essence of life ...


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