Friday, January 13, 2012

Under Attack

For a few hours I felt better today, but not well enough to do any work and as the day is coming to a close I am feeling more and more frustrated with not being able to do anything. Something inside me is clearly fighting me and not letting me get anything done.

All I can think of is to leave this life and go somewhere that no one knows me. I feel that I am cornered and trapped and there is no way to improve things except adopting very extreme measures. The alternative thought, which is clearly worse for myself and everyone close to me, is what weighted heavily on my mind last night.


  1. I thought you already gone from some place...
    Sometimes life wants us to start all over again exactly where we are, because we can not run away from ourselves.

    Anyway, what exactly seems to you wring with you and your life? What is holding you back from following your dreams?

  2. You may be right.

    I do not know what I want from my life. I do not have dreams to follow ...


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