Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Story of Buddy and Dawn

Today, I met "Buddy" and "Dawn", quite accidentally. I was helping our friends to unload their shopping from our car and into their apartment in an old complex in an old Atlanta neighborhood. Our friends are students at the Atlanta branch of Savanah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and they live a few block to the north of SCAD. I first noticed "Dawn" waiving his hand and saying something about the neighborhood and showing a thumb up. He was walking a pit bull, "Buddy", who turned out to be super friendly. Dawn mentioned that he has rescued "Buddy" a few months ago and decided to keep him. He asked my name and told me that in order to remember a name, you have got to repeat it three times and also write it in your head once, according to someone famous, maybe Napoleon. When I asked his name, he gave me his dog's name first. He said that the pit bull is so friendly that he decided to call him "Buddy", even though his friends advised him against doing so. I had to ask him again his name and I first thought his name was "Don". But then, following his own advise, I asked him to spell it and he corrected me. He said he was originally from Venezuella, and that his parents were missionaries and they chose his name because of its meaning, the new morning Sun. He asked about the meaning of my name and I told him that it means being content and satisfied with life. He asked me if I am happy with my life and I said I am trying. Then, "Dawn" mentioned that almost all religions believe in the importance of "love" in life, shook my hand and left with his happy, super friendly pit bull, "Buddy".


  1. What a nice encounter and what a beautiful meaning of your names!


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