Monday, December 26, 2011


A voice in my head,
keeps reminding me:
You are lonely,
weak, and worthless.
All your life, you seek
help from the others.
But no one loves you,
no one cares for you.
Everyone is tired.
Your parents are sick of you,
and so your wife and friends.
They wish you die,
and maybe stop complaining.
You finished nothing good,
and did everything wrong.
Go smoke another cigarette,
watch porn, or cut your arm,
or even better, hang yourself.
No one cares, and in fact,
you will do them a big favor.
You are lonely and empty,
deal with it, if you can.
We internalizes voices
along the path of our lives.
Is this an internalized voice,
or is this who I really am?
Or does it matter at all?
It is what it is.
Deal with it,
or go hang yourself.

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