Monday, December 05, 2011


Sometimes you need to give up everything and everyone to be able to salvage your soul.
Sometimes you leave everything and everyone behind, only to receive a middle finger!
Therefore, wise men like Hafez have emphasized the role of good luck in life.


  1. Luck!! I didn't want to believe in it but I guess I have to. Sometimes there is nothing to explain some stuff except luck or lack of it...

  2. Why not? We know there is huge uncertainty in life, so luck is definitely an element.

    I understand though that the issue of controlling our luck (for example by praying ...) is the source of feeling uncomfortable for many of us :)

  3. Back home they say it is better to be born without genitals than without luck! Luck is super important- being at the right place at the right time rules.

  4. Well, that sounds a bit anti-feminist :)


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