Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Balancing Acts and Humor: Gone with the Fart!

"Try farting in front of your lover; the louder the better, and if s/he dumps you, send me a prayer. A love taken by a fart, better be gone by the fart.'' ---Lotus

The spiritual quest can be overwhelming, dangerously so, and hence we need acts of balance. In the first stage of stopping the current of life and becoming a detached observer, i.e., the mindfulness practices, the balancing act centers around paying attention to small matters. As it says in the ``Ghost Dog" movie, take small matters seriously and grave issues lightly, or something to the effect.

In the second stage of opening the heart, i.e., the heartfulness practices, the danger of becoming too self-indulgent crystallizes in the extreme, almost unbearable, pain of a broken heart. The balancing act here is to develop a healthy sense of humor. The beauty is in the balance. Without love, humor turns into mockery and humiliation. Without humor, love becomes grave and deadly.

That is why in Hafez poems, the idea of a "RIND" (رند), a rogue lover, is so important. A "RIND" has a few defining characteristic. First and foremost, he is a lover. He is ready to set his livelihood on fire. Second, he has a sharp sense of humor. He sees the irony in his own imperfections and flaws while trying to achieve something much bigger than himself. Therefore, he is humble and takes grave matters with a grain of salt.

In terms of practices, my last night experience with bad love poems was enlightening. You can always do things a little imperfectly, tolerate imperfection, be compassionate about it but ultimately laugh at it. As long as you have love in your heart, humor won't offend anyone, and if it does, you won't feel bad about it. "Farting in front of your lover" is definitely a good exercise. Liberating. Remember love as the balancing act of humor. If you fart in front of strangers, you run the risk of offending them, except when your love mixes with your fart and hopefully mellow their heart toward your natural imperfections. Good luck!


  1. vaghan mashalaaaa, I am so proud of you Lutos!!!

  2. I wanted to leave a comment sooner but didn't have a chance.... anyway, i really enjoyed reading this post. It is hilarious and refreshing. You have no idea how many guys would be happy by reading this post . LOL!

  3. lol, glad you liked it ...
    In my experience a lot of time ladies benefit from loosening up and letting go too, if not more at least the same as men, :)


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