Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Sensei: With true friends, sharing time is wonderful, sharing heart is amazing, and sharing soul is indescribable.
Student: What about sharing bed?

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Stillness and a Monkey

Jumping around has become a habit.
Thus, a monkey does not miss
food, sleep, or love.
Stillness opens the void.

The Bitch and a Monkey

The angry bitch only knows violence
to protect her puppies.
A monkey too absorbed in pursuing success
does not pay attention to signs.

Depression is an angry, overprotective bitch.
Addiction, with bleeding throat,
is her first victim.



A voice in my head,
keeps reminding me:
You are lonely,
weak, and worthless.
All your life, you seek
help from the others.
But no one loves you,
no one cares for you.
Everyone is tired.
Your parents are sick of you,
and so your wife and friends.
They wish you die,
and maybe stop complaining.
You finished nothing good,
and did everything wrong.
Go smoke another cigarette,
watch porn, or cut your arm,
or even better, hang yourself.
No one cares, and in fact,
you will do them a big favor.
You are lonely and empty,
deal with it, if you can.
We internalizes voices
along the path of our lives.
Is this an internalized voice,
or is this who I really am?
Or does it matter at all?
It is what it is.
Deal with it,
or go hang yourself.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Mirror and a Monkey

The mirror looking for a place to rest
comes across a monkey's naive heart.
Thus, a heart reflects everyone.
Everyone and a monkey lie to save face.

Depression brings the path to a monkey.

[Sunday, 2014-03-16] I changed it a little and put it on "Hello Poetry":

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Death and a Monkey

The death, on its path, finds a monkey
searching for the fifth stone.

As a monkey starts grieving,
saying farewell to unilateral love,
the formless nightmares ease off.


A Monkey in the search of the fifth stone
finds himself on the path of the death
saying farewell to his unilateral love.

And the formless nightmares stopped
as a monkey started grieving.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Rain and a Monkey

The rain was relentless.
But a monkey was more eager,
searching the whole backyard
for the missing fifth stone.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Coconut and a Monkey

A hungry monkey searched for five stones.
Thus, the coconut opened an eager monkey.
As they were working with each other,
they decided to write a book,
the book of five stone practices.

PS. Still searching for the fifth.

Balancing Acts and Humor: Gone with the Fart!

"Try farting in front of your lover; the louder the better, and if s/he dumps you, send me a prayer. A love taken by a fart, better be gone by the fart.'' ---Lotus

The spiritual quest can be overwhelming, dangerously so, and hence we need acts of balance. In the first stage of stopping the current of life and becoming a detached observer, i.e., the mindfulness practices, the balancing act centers around paying attention to small matters. As it says in the ``Ghost Dog" movie, take small matters seriously and grave issues lightly, or something to the effect.

In the second stage of opening the heart, i.e., the heartfulness practices, the danger of becoming too self-indulgent crystallizes in the extreme, almost unbearable, pain of a broken heart. The balancing act here is to develop a healthy sense of humor. The beauty is in the balance. Without love, humor turns into mockery and humiliation. Without humor, love becomes grave and deadly.

That is why in Hafez poems, the idea of a "RIND" (رند), a rogue lover, is so important. A "RIND" has a few defining characteristic. First and foremost, he is a lover. He is ready to set his livelihood on fire. Second, he has a sharp sense of humor. He sees the irony in his own imperfections and flaws while trying to achieve something much bigger than himself. Therefore, he is humble and takes grave matters with a grain of salt.

In terms of practices, my last night experience with bad love poems was enlightening. You can always do things a little imperfectly, tolerate imperfection, be compassionate about it but ultimately laugh at it. As long as you have love in your heart, humor won't offend anyone, and if it does, you won't feel bad about it. "Farting in front of your lover" is definitely a good exercise. Liberating. Remember love as the balancing act of humor. If you fart in front of strangers, you run the risk of offending them, except when your love mixes with your fart and hopefully mellow their heart toward your natural imperfections. Good luck!

Ridiculous, Bad, Painful, Poem

I write childish poems.
They don't rhyme,
and don't have a deep meaning!
But this is the only way I know
to stay sane.

I smoke cigarettes in the backyard
and sing loudly in my horrible voice.
All my neighbors think I am insane.
But this is the only way I know
to stop shedding tears.

You told me not to feel humiliated
for my feelings and emotions.
But how can I?
When I know you don't care for me,
and, for God's sake,
you hate my poems!

When I cannot write any more
everything to be said is told
and even the absurdity of these poems
these ridiculous, bad, painful poems,
become dull,
then I will set myself on fire
and let my flesh burn.
Because this is the only way I know
to stop by heart from aching.

Beer, Wine, and Spirit

That day in the package store!
For those of you who don't know,
it is a place that sells beer, wine, and spirit.

I entered the store
went directly to the fridge
and without a moment of hesitation
picked a 6-pack of beer
that I never had known existed before.
And a strange feeling came over me,
as if I am buying it for you.

Later when you told me
that you used to buy beers
from that store
I knew that only for  a moment
there I had met your spirit.

Too bad you never tasted that beer.
It meant to be
just for you!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Your Eyes

I am deep in the sea of love
and all I want to ask is:
Will you have a look at me?

I know all about your boundaries
and I do not care
I am far beyond any boundary
and all I want to ask is:
Will you ever embrace me?

I can read stories in your eyes
so do not lie to me
because all I want to ask is:
Will ever your eyes spoil me?


غضنفر زنگ میزنه به دوستش, میگه من یه تمساح گرفتم چیکار کنم؟ دوستش میگه خوب ببرش باغ وحش. فرداش دوستش زنگ میزنه میگه خوب بردیش؟ غضنفر میگه آره، امشب هم قراره ببرمش سینما
غضنفر یه پازل رو بعد از 3 سال تموم میکنه بهش میگن یکم زیاد طول نکشید؟ میگه نه بابا روش نوشته 5 تا 7 سال!

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Until we learn to separate the conflicting urges and directives within, and establish an authentic voice for ourselves, we don't know which beliefs and values are our own, and which ones are primarily adopted from our familial and cultural conditioning. We can't answer questions like ``What matters most to me?'' or ``What do I really want?'' We can't make wise decisions that lead to happy lives when we don't know our own true self. And we can't have healthy relationships when we can't let the other person know what are want, or value, or need. --- p.183, The Seeker's Guide

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


A quote from ``The Seeker's Guide: Making Your Life a Spiritual Adventure,'' by Elizabeth Lesser, that I got in the mail this evening, after I had written my previous post, and I felt the book in the mailbox when I woke up from my afternoon sleep :) I feel the luck once in a while! ;)

You may recognize in yourself the most common emotional copying strategy: in order not to feel the darker emotions---sadness, or pain, or hatred---we turn off the heart's capacity to feel at all. And then we are puzzled by why it is so hard to love, to enjoy, and even to know what we feel or want.

... If the purpose of life is to ``feel the rapture of being alive,'' .... then it follows that an important part of the spiritual path is to heal the heart and to become emotionally intelligent. ... the heart's contradictory, messy, and passionate nature seems at odds with some religions. ... The less controllable aspects of our humanness---erotic love, rage and anger, beauty and sadness---have been labeled too passionate or irrational to be trusted.

... Once opened, the heart wants to feel the rapture of being alive. It longs to know love; it remembers pain; it feels rage, it demands change. It wants to know joy in the here and now, in the body, with other people, through the senses.---The Seeker's Guide, pp. 159-160

Path of Love

Difficult, way too difficult, specially if you do not get enough sleep!

اهل کام و ناز را در کوی رندی راه نیست ره‌روی باید، جهانْ سوزی، نه خامی بی‌غمی
در طریقِ عشقبازی امن و آسایش بلاست ریش باد آن دل که با درد تو خواهد مرهمی

Friday, December 09, 2011


When it rains in summer, the day after a heavy rain, I always see a couple of small frogs in the pool. Sometimes dead.

Monday, December 05, 2011


Sometimes you need to give up everything and everyone to be able to salvage your soul.
Sometimes you leave everything and everyone behind, only to receive a middle finger!
Therefore, wise men like Hafez have emphasized the role of good luck in life.


Should take it easy, must, have to, ought to. Who knows how long I will be around. Let's not think, let's just do whatever crazy, stupid thing comes into mind, or at least those that I have the courage to do.
Let's fuck everything up.
Well, only if I could be free, even in this stupid way; this is just a dream.

Sunday, December 04, 2011


From ``Shadow Dance: Liberating the Power and Creativity of Your Dark Side,'' by David Richo:
There is a way to recognize the shadow: what strongly attracts or repels us in others is a clue to where our own darkness lurks. As we begin accepting our shadow, we acknowledge our projections of our shadow qualities onto others as truths about ourselves. My hatred of your controlling ways may cloak controlling ways in me that I do not see. The negative shadow in us is projected onto others as strong dislike or disgust. The positive shadow is projected onto others as admiration or envy.

Friday, December 02, 2011

IT'S NOT ...

.. ``It's not your spread, and it's not how strong you are, and it's not how fast you are, because you have all those thing...