Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Let's have faith in the start of the cold season

ایمان بیاوریم به آغاز فصل سرد
And this is I
a woman alone
at the threshold of a cold season
at the beginning of understanding
the polluted existence of the earth
and the simple and sad pessimism of the sky
and the incapacity of these concrete hands.

This is the start of one the most beautiful, and yet darkest, Forough Farokhzad's poem titled, "Let Us Believe in the Beginning of the Cold Season". She was apparently suffering from depression. And this believe, in the ultimate return of the darkness is the pillar of depression. No matter what you do, what great, amazing insight you arrive at, it is the darkness that is awaiting you. Maybe that is the true acceptance. And maybe it is not such a bad thing. Like the turn of seasons, or the cycle of day and night. The depression time is a signal to stop and to take a rest, and to accept. 

See the Complete English translation here (A Lonely Woman Michael C. Hillmann page 126-127 )

And the complete poem in Farsi here:


  1. I have a confession to make. It is going to be shocking to you and almost every Iranian reading this; I am not big fan of Forough. Her poetry makes me angry.

  2. Daisy Jaan,
    It is quite alright :) I do not like all her poems, and in fact, I have -not- read all her poems either.
    I also have a confession: I do not like Ahmad Shamloo, too political for me :)

  3. Now that we are confessing... I don’t like Mohsen Namjoo :s

  4. HeHeHe ... he is ok, I like some of his songs, he is more original than many Los Angeles singers, LOL

    I cannot think of other confessions :) I do not like many things but they are not shocking or surprising ;)


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