Monday, October 10, 2011


Truth will come back at you. In the form of your genes, your habits. Your past will catch up with you. You fuck things over and you think it's over? Things will fuck you back. You step into darkness? There is no way out. You look into abyss? It will reach and pull you in. You can run as much as you want. There is no running from yourself. You meditate, practice, pray for salvation? You are alone and there is no escape.



  1. چقدر تلخ و نا امید کننده بود. خوشبختانه من چنین اعتقادی ندارم. شاید تو هم فردا نداشته باشی. مواظب خودت باش دوست من

  2. Exactly, it was last night and tonight I think differently :) This is the problem with thinking!
    Fortunately, once I write my thoughts they become less obsessive :)

    Thanks, you too!


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